Integrated social media features in Cutecommerce.

Great marketing is the secret to a successful store, and we have more built-in marketing tools than anyone else.

Maintain YouTube Videos in a Snap

Showcase your products as never before through adding the videos to your own product pages. And all you have to do is paste video link from the YouTube. You have the conversion-boosting videos as embedded into plain sight for your all customers. You can add youtube videos from php shopping cart backend with single click.  

Like it! Tweet it! Pin it!

Just help to your customers spread as your products across 255+ social channels through enabling our all built-in sharing capabilities. By few clicks of mouse, and you'll enjoy easy ways to continue your store's reach across social web.

Reach Your Customers on the Go

Your customers seamlessly see and purchase the products with the mobile-optimized version of this shopping cart software. The instead of making the shoppers fumble by your site through their thumbs, you may reach customers anywhere with the site that's full compatible with any tablet and smartphone.

Reach Your Customers on the Go

Social media integration

Cutecommerce website include social media integration, such as Pinterest, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Build your following

Make it easy for your shoppers to keep up with you by displaying beautiful social media icons at the bottom of every page.

RSS feeds

Shoppers can subscribe to product feeds including new products, best-sellers and specific categories using RSS readers like Google Reader.

Looking for even more features? Check out Analytics & Reporting feature here