Powerfull Shipping Simplified

Simple and fully integrated logistics services and features. Ship to India. Ship to the world. We make it possible. No extra contracts or integrations needed. Work with leading courier companies in India and get the largest delivery and cash pickup reach. Get way bills in real-time and print your shipping label.

Offer customers a larger choice of products on your store by complementing your existing merchandise with larger section of products from Infibeam. Infibeam handles complete fulfillment of products sold from its catalog.


Our ecommerce solutions can be integrated with the shipping modules of nearly all major carriers and allow merchants to choose according to their needs and preference. With php shopping cart, merchants are able to provide customers with reliable shipping options and the ability to include custom messages. Merchants can also manage logistics such as weight, shipping restrictions, fees and more with our back office.

Shipping Discounts

Customers love cheap or free shipping and will always be delighted to get them. Merchants can set multiple incentives on shipping fees such as offering discounts or even free shipping for purchases over a certain amount. Merchants can offer discounts on shipping fees according to the destination country or weight.

Fees by Price or Weight

You can set up your shipping fees calculator according to the price or the weight of the purchase to ensure that the fees are calculated in the way you want. You can also set different prices and weight ranges for each carrier you work with to ensure that you always offer the best shipping rate to your customers.

Different Addresses for Shipping and Billing

CuteCommerce enables your customers to provide different addresses for shipping and biling, this enables them to send your product as gifts to friends and family.  

Integrated With Major Carriers Such As FedEX, USPS and More

Cutecommerce comes with a vaiety of shopping carrier modules that are ready to use in a few steps. Install and configure them with your account. Your customers may freely choose their preferred carrier based on their budget, preference and their respective destination. Shipping fees is automatically calculated through the calculator based on weight of product and shipping destination.

Unlimited destinations and Carriers

You may install as many carriers module as you wish on your e-commerce site. CuteCommerce also allows you to set unlimited shipping destinations, you can set as many zones and country as you need in order to satisfy your customer's demands from around the world. 

Looking for even more features? Check out Security feature here