If you know or have list of peoples having interest in ecommerce software then we would love to help you and make sure you have the resources your need.

The affiliate program is through ClickBank. You can go to their site and sign up for free. Once you have an affiliate id you can start promoting right away.

live chat software affiliates

Go to the affiliate resources section and you'll find text links, banners. Make sure you sign up to be on our notification list so we can give you personalized promotional tools such as:

Custom Webinars and Video Walkthroughs

we would be happy to do a video walkthrough with you and demonstrate for customers you come with and instruct them how easy it is to use CuteCommerce software.

It will be easier with webinars and videos and makes us comfortable in promoting.

Custom Landing Pages

We have created separate pages for promotions so you can use them for direct referrals and promotion.

First, we will ask you for some information about the peoples you comes with and how many people will see your email, blog post, or video. But don't hesitate to ask.